The online 360º Performance System enables users to customise their 360º evaluation for each position in their company by using the position’s specific Key Performance Areas (KPA’s) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to ensure the evaluation of the exact job performance areas. Emails containing the links to the online evaluations will be sent, via the system, to relevant participants and evaluators.

In addition, we have combined the 360º Performance System and Psychometric Assessments together to form a unique system known as the Job Performance Areas Management Index (JPAMI).

We believe this is a powerful system which provides the opportunity to compare the psychometric results against the job profile and the 360º observational evaluation results, by generating 3 overlapping “profiles” for in-depth data analysis:

  • Job profile based on 360º input
  • Observed candidate profile based on a 360º evaluationt
  • Psychometric competency profile retrieved from specific psychometric assessments

The JPAMI system is successfully being used for the following functions:

  • Person-job fit
  • Tracking the progress of new employees
  • Identifying skills gap
  • Personal development