Career Guidance

There is ample research available confirming the importance and impact of a person’s personality on his or her job and career. Thus, we aim to assist students in their career decisions by helping them to discover their personality and preferences.

We therefore assess an individual’s personality based on the Big Five rationale, and we measure the individual’s career preference based on John Holland’s personality and occupational types.

  • Disclaimer: We do not provide lists of possible careers to choose from, nor do we tell the individual what to choose. The career guidance process is mutual, collaborative, and self-exploratory. The individual is responsible for doing research on different career options and paths. The process and report are tools to assist and guide the client in the task of career research, and to ultimately make a career path decision.

Career development

A career is a long-term personal journey or path of an individual to fulfil personal and career goals and ambitions. Career development occurs when ongoing learning opportunities are created so that individuals can improve and develop, to maintain high levels of performance and to fulfil personal ambitions.

The Individual Career Development Index (ICDI) aims to guide a person through a process of self-discovery, to better understand the circumstances and influences experienced in their career. ICDI is the ideal assessment for individuals who are in the process of developing their career path, or who need to make career decisions, such as changes, further development, etc.

Following the ICDI link below to register and complete the ICDI assessment.

Please contact us onse the assement has been completed and the full report downloaded, as we recommend to combine the assessment with a feedback session.